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The Percussucata Project was born from the desire of socio-environmental educators to contribute to the formation of ecological individuals who are committed to preserving Planet Earth.

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Pedagogical Tool:

The Percussucata Project aims to raise awareness among students, teachers, and school communities about the importance of building a society based on sustainable living. The project promotes concrete actions to increase awareness about the pollution generated by domestic waste produced by each family. Additionally, it seeks to promote understanding that each citizen plays a crucial role in the processes of recycling and social inclusion of collectors of recyclable materials and waste collectors.

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Mission, Vision, Commitment...

The Percussucata Project is a cultural and pedagogical tool in favor of preserving the environment and, consequently, life. Since 2007, it merges music, citizenship and environmental education to build ecological subjects in students from

Early Years of Elementary School.


It is an eco-art-educational initiative by Professor, Musician, Environmentalist and Writer Marcelo Capucci and collaborating activists.

Socioenvironmental Literature

"I do, I separate, I transform..." summarizes the socio-environmental ideas fostered by the Percussucata Project, by its creators and maintainers since the 2000s.

Marcelo Capucci, creator of Percussucata, published his first book   in partnership with journalist Marcos Linhares. Launched in 2015, by Editora Thesaurus, this novel, with paradidactic characteristics in environmental education, was the winner of the ILBA (Int'l Latino Books Awards) 2016. The second edition of the work has the seal of Editora IMEPH, from Fortaleza/CE.


Get your copy now! 

Different names and ordinary people who manage to create a revolution wherever they go. "I do, I separate, I transform..." features a teacher and a student who change themselves and inspire everyone around them to live better with garbage, nature, and the people around them, including the so-called invisible everyday beings such as recyclable material collectors and street sweepers. The director, school cleaning staff, family members, neighbors, friends, and teachers - in short, everyone - is part of the story.


Awarded at the ILBA - International Latino Book Awards in the Best Children's Picture category, originally in Portuguese in 2016, this modern, creative, interdisciplinary book shows that the environment starts at home, and that we can only improve the planet through the actions of each individual. A story that can motivate and inspire people of all ages.

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General Objective of the Action

Giving multimedia socio-environmental lectures, with several concatenated actions, that promote students and masters, from the assisted institutions, to the protagonism and acquisition of a new ecological and sustainable awareness in the face of the challenges posed in the consumption, disposal and management of solid waste.

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Vila Planalto, Brasília/DF

Marcelo Capucci, Rafael Alves e estudantes do CEF 01 do Planalto


O guitarrista Marcondes Vieira na "Experiência BATUCAPET" junto aos educandos do CNEC, Brasília/DF

Sobradinho II/ DF

Professor Marcelo Capucci ministrando palestra socioambiental Percussucata.

Varjão/ DF

Tudo começa pela sala de aula.

CAIC, Areal/ DF

Muito som e muitas garrafas PET...

Sobradinho II/ DF

Alegria, alegria...

Música no pátio escolar...

... groove, groove!

Riacho Fundo 2/ DF

Click do Fafa Lavenère!

FIESP, São Paulo, 2010

Projeto Percussucata vencedor do Prêmio ECOPET (Abipet) 2010 - Educação Ambiental.

Areal/ DF

Sua audiência nos move!

Sobradinho II/ DF

Projeto Percussucata já recuperou cerca de 11 toneladas de garrafas PET ao longo de sua história como Projeto 'Catador' de Resíduos Sólidos.


Marcelo Capucci e Marcondes Vieira em ação!

CNEC/ DF, Atividade "Limpa Brasil"

1, 2, 3, 4...


Scope of Actions

Directed Socio-environmental Literature, Creative Writing Workshops, Meeting with Authors and Group Percussive Movements:

Find out about the dynamics of actions planned for the

Percussucata Project this school year.

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Follow us...



"Percussucata is a necessary project for the awareness movement that we are living today.

The active didactic applied is the instrument that makes this project spectacular. "

Professor Philip Ferreira

Biologist and winner of the "Educator Award Note 10"

Lemman Foundation - 2013

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